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How to Build a House in Kerala Style?

Building a house in Kerala style is a great way to create a home that is both traditional and modern. Kerala-style houses incorporate natural materials and intricate wood carvings, and are designed to be well-ventilated and spacious. When building a house in Kerala style, it’s important to choose the right location, design the house to suit modern living, choose durable and sustainable materials, hire skilled professionals, and incorporate modern amenities. By following these steps, you can create a beautiful and authentic Kerala-style house that meets the needs and preferences of modern living.

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How Can I Design My Home?

Designing your own home can be a challenging but rewarding process. There are several key steps involved in designing a home, including establishing your needs and preferences, creating a budget, selecting a style, choosing materials and finishes, and working with a team of professionals. In this article, we’ll explore these steps in more detail and provide tips for designing your dream home.

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